“Rockwell Debt-Free Properties has proven to be a great choice when looking for investment properties. Their staff is made up of experienced and very knowledgeable professional investment counselors.”
Larry S.

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John K.

“We have been very pleased with our experience with Rockwell. They are professional, expedient, thorough, and timely with all correspondence. The property returns have met our expectations for the risk involved.”
Steve H.

“From the moment I met Chris at a Rockwell property I felt comfortable. This is an honest, conservative and honorable company.
– Greg R.

“When you think of investing your money, it isn’t easy to trust. This has been a completely hassle free transaction with the money landing in my account every month.”
– Elva E.

“My wife and I were very new to debt-free investing. Rockwell was there to answer all of our questions. Three years later we now have three debt free investments and are extremely pleased with the folk at Rockwell!”
– Tom K.

“The purchase process went very smoothly. Everyone I talked to was knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I have received the monthly payments like clockwork. Very organized. I would certainly recommend Rockwell to others.”
– Richard R.

“Rockwell has been honest and caring throughout my purchase. They care a lot about their investors.”
– Richard M.

“My wife and I are retired and have bought 3 properties through Rockwell and are so impressed at the diligence in handling every aspect of the transactions. Each property has produced exactly the income advertised over these 5 years.”
– Jon A.

“Working with Rockwell has always been easy and straightforward. They are prompt and responsible with any concerns or questions. Closing on the properties has also been painless and uncomplicated. Cashflow has been timely and as advertised. I just wish all my business dealings were modelled after Rockwell.”

– Rolf H.

“Our experience with Rockwell has been extremely pleasant. Since this was our first encounter with a 1031 exchange, we asked a lot of questions and were completely satisfied with their answers. Their answers have been accurate and all information imparted to us has been as promised. We are completely happy with our decision to purchase Rockwell Debt-Free Properties.”

– Neil W.