Capital Gains Calculator

STEP 1. Calculate Net Adjusted Basis

 Residential    Commercial

$  Original Purchase Price
+$  Improvements
 How many years owned
 Estimated Deprecation
 Net Adjusted Basis

STEP 2. Calculate Capital Gain Sales Price of Property

$  Sales Price
-$  Net Adjusted Basis
-$  Costs of Sale (commissions, fees, etc.)
 Capital Gain

STEP 3. Calculate Capital Gain Tax Due

$  Recaptured depreciation (27%)
+$  Federal capital gain tax (17%)
 State Capital Gain Tax Rate (long term)
+$  State Capital Gain Tax
 Total Taxes Due

STEP 4. Calculate Equity

$  Sales price
-$  Costs of sale
-$  Loan balances
 Gross Equity
-$  Capital gain taxes due
 After-Tax Equity