Benefits of Working With Rockwell

Access to high quality properties
The ability to purchase a fractional ownership gives TIC property buyers access to high quality, institutional grade, NNN properties that otherwise are only available to the largest of real estate investors.

Excellent locations
Rockwell performs extensive demographic research and market analysis on each area where these properties are located to make sure that the business leasing the property is likely to succeed in that location and that the real estate has the potential to appreciate over time. Each investor has access to this pre-packaged due diligence information.

The NNN lease structure combined with professional, third-party property management frees the investor from the headaches and hassles of day-to-day management.

Greater liquidity or ability to resell
New buyers do not have to qualify for an existing loan as there is no debt against the property which makes the process of reselling a TIC interest much easier.

Opportunity for diversification
An investor can purchase more than one TIC property for diversification purposes. The typical minimum investment amount in a Rockwell property is only $150,000.

Replace under-performing properties
Investors can exchange their ownership in under-performing or non-income generating properties for ownership in a Rockwell debt-free TIC property that enhances their return on investment and creates a reliable stream of passive, monthly income.

Steady income stream
The tenant corporation guarantees the lease payments to the property owners.

Tax deductions
As with other income property, the TIC owner gets their proportionate share of depreciation to claim against property income on their tax return.

Capital appreciation
TIC owners receive their pro rata share of any capital appreciation of the property when it is sold.  The appreciation of the underlying real estate asset is a component of the overall return on investment.

Simple closing process
Because there is no financing involved, purchasing a Rockwell TIC property is extremely simple. You select a property from our current offerings and the dollar amount you want to purchase and we do the rest.

No closing costs
Rockwell pays all of your closing costs, records a warranty deed to transfer ownership to you and sends you a prorated rent check based on the very day you sign. From that point forward, you simply receive a monthly payment directly from the property manager in the form of a mailed check or a direct deposit into your bank account.

We work with all buyers
You do not have to be an accredited investor to purchase a Rockwell Debt-Free Property.