In spite of all the volatility and uncertainty Americans have experienced across the markets,
there exists a little-known investment opportunity that continues to perform perfectly while others fall short.
At Rockwell Debt-Free Properties our purpose is to provide you with a fundamentally sound real estate investment that meets three basic needs:

1. Your money is safe and secure,
2. You can depend on steady, monthly income,
3. You don’t have to actively manage the property.

Rockwell properties use a tenants-in-common (TIC) ownership structure that allows you to purchase direct ownership of an undivided, fractional interest in top-quality commercial real estate. Each property has in place a long-term NNN lease with a strong, national corporation as its tenant.
We are different from other TIC companies for many reasons. The most important being that our properties are completely debt-free. This affords you greater safety and reliability than you could achieve in any other way. You enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from not having loan payments to make and knowing you are never at risk of losing your investment.
Because of the simple structure of our properties, we are able to serve the needs of all buyers, not just those who meet rigid accreditation requirements.
If you are looking for a secure, reliable, cash-flowing investment, we invite you to learn more about our current debt-free TIC property that is available today.

Christopher J. Ashby
President & CEO