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Fresenius Medical Care, Bessemer, AL

Info Sheet Due Diligence Package Investment Calculator
Tenant:Fresenius Medical Care
Location:Bessemer, AL
Year Built:2014
Total Sq. Ft.:8,091
Property Type:Single-tenant, freestanding, medical
Lease Type:Triple-Net (NNN) lease
Lease Term:15 years
Total Annual Rent
2014-2018 $178,606 5.50% 2019-2023 $196,466 6.05% 2024-2029 $216,113 6.65% OPTION 1 $237,724 7.32% OPTION 2 $261,496 8.05% OPTION 3 $287,646 8.86%
Business Profile Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s largest integrated provider of products and services for individuals with chronic kidney failure, a condition that affects about 2.2 million individuals worldwide. Through its network of more than 3,225 dialysis clinics in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Fresenius Medical Care provides dialysis treatment to over 265,000 patients around the globe. Bessemer, AL Bessemer is a beautiful Southern city located in the Birmingham Alabama Metropolitan Area. The region is home to more than 1,130,000 residents. Long known as the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama, the local economy has been transformed in recent decades by investments in bio-technology and medical research at the prestigious University of Alabama at Birmingham. UAB is also the area’s largest employer accounting for nearly 20,000 jobs. Additionally, the region has become a leading banking center and serves as headquarters for a variety of large national telecom and insurance companies. The Birmingham metropolitan area has consistently been rated as one of America’s best places to work and earn a living based on the area’s competitive salary rates and relatively low living expenses. Purchase Price: $3,250,000
Equity Available: $2,351,450

Noah's - Des Moines, IA

Noah's - Des Moines, IA

Info Sheet Due Diligence Package Investment Calculator
Tenant:Noah Corporation
Location:Des Moines, IA
Year Built:2014
Total Sq. Ft.:10,288
Property Type: Single-tenant, freestanding
Lease Type:Absolute Triple Net (NNN)
Lease Term:20-year initial term
Total Annual Rent
YEAR ANNUAL RENT CAP RATE 2014 $343,600 7.25% 2015 $350,523 7.40% 2016 $357,533 7.54% 2017 $364,684 7.69% 2018 $371,978 7.85% 2019 $379,417 8.00% 2020 $387,006 8.16% 2021 $394,746 8.33% 2022 $402,641 8.49% 2023 $410,694 8.66% 2024 $418,907 8.84%
  Business Profile Noah Corporation develops and operates innovative event and conference center space for business, corporate and community events as well as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and social gatherings. Noah’s provides their customers with high tech, upscale, impeccably clean, well-managed, flexible, four-star space that is the very best in their class. You can learn more about Noah’s by visiting Des Moines, IA The city of Des Moines is the Iowa state capital and its most populous metropolitan area with nearly 600,000 residents. Because of its affordable cost of living, low crime rate and highly educated workforce, Forbes Magazine ranked Des Moines 1st in the country for “Best Places for Business and Careers.” This region is known as the “insurance capital of the world,” as it is headquarters for the Principal Financial Group, Athene USA Insurance, the Meredith Corporation, Ruan Transportation, EMC Insurance Companies, and Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Des Moines is also a cultural and educational center with its many art and history museums, opera, ballet and symphony, as well as a number of prestigious colleges and universities. NBC News recently named Des Moines “Wealthiest City in America” due in large part to the excellent quality of life enjoyed by the people who live there. Purchase Price: $4,740,000
Equity Available: $0
Fresenius Medical Care - Bessemer, AL

Fresenius Medical Care - Bessemer, AL

Noah's - Des Moines, IA

Noah's - Des Moines, IA

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